black and white wedding dresses

Today it’s OFFICIAL, you (Scruffy Scott Ludvigsen ) have LOVED ME for ½ your Life!!!!

It all started January 26, 1992
That was the first time I met you
Super Bowl XXVI was here (HHH Metrodome)
We went downtown (7 Corners) with Julio & T-Rae to drink some beer black and white wedding dresses
My 23rd birthday growing near

You said right from the start
I captured your heart

I said I’d give you my phone # if a “Hat Trick” was scored
Next thing I know there were 3 bulleyes on the dartboard!

Our First Date
The only time you weren’t UNFASHIONABILY late
I wore a flannel and jeans
And this is the “Girl of your dreams”?
Ice fishing, Car shopping or out to eat?
Ciatti’s Shrimp pizza was a special treat

You had long hair
And your forehead was starting to bare
You called your mustache a “flavor savor”
I thought it needed to go to war with an Electric shaver!

You stood 6’4 tall
Suddenly 5’8 felt small

T-Rae & I walked into your parents house, without a knock
Your Mom was home, I was shocked!
I had never met her before
And just walked inside the front door

Out to dinner with your Mom & Dad
I spilled my water, the start of a “fad”

Hanging out at Bumper’s Bar & grill
Where you paid the electric bill

Ice Fishing @ Cedar Lake
T-Rae studying for a FA test she had to take

I asked you not to call
Went to Hot Shots to watch you play volleyball
Jenga’s sister Lisa was telling a story about “Scott”
That’s when I realized I liked you more than I thought!
Which chick...
will he pick?
Of course it was Me! OBVIOUSLY!

You put a few miles on your Levis jacket…
What did a wild bear attack it?

I slept overnight in all of my clothes
At Bunkers you bought me a Red Rose
There was a debate over “Red” or “White”
You said you loved me that night
On your 26th birthday
Day, way, play,

They say…Love is in the eyes of the “beer holder”
Michelob Golden draft
Woodworking is your craft

“Quick Draw McGraw”
Fastest zippo you ever saw
The Winston Flip
A stupid human trick

On a beautiful summer day
We went to see “Robert Cray”
I made you tator tot hotdish
Under the stars we made a wish

Waitress in the sky
I was a flight attendant with Northwest Airlink
Passing out peanuts and something to drink
I took you on a flight
A Sioux City, IA overnight
You took a taxi all over town
Looking for a plastic crown
We broke the shower head in the hotel
If anyone asks, I’ll say it fell


Camping at the “Beach”
A place where dreams are reached

Playing volleyball at Club Ravon
I nicknamed you “Scruffy” because you were always unshavin’

You lived in Janet’s basement
Sweat equity is you payed the rent
Every morning my windows were scraped
These are gestures not recorded on tape

December 15, 1992
You asked me to marry you
You looked at me with those Green eyes
Out of your pocket, you pulled a little surprise
You brought me to “The Point of No Return”
We still had so many lessons to learn
On my finger a diamond ring
An optimistic outlook of what the future would bring

We stayed at teh Fiesta Hotel, Room #416
The date was set for our wedding
Marsha & Darci, 20 ? asked
With their blessing, you passed
Rug burns on my knees
How am I going to explain these?

At Ziggy’s hanging out with “The Gang”
Where everyone has a nickname
Korn, Dato, you & Jace
All 4 of you lived at the place (Woodstock)

“MOSH” machine
Dancing in the back
My Dad & brother spray painted it black

Remember the man from the Nankin who came out of the blue
Just to tell me, “He’s REALLY listening to you”

You brushed my hair every night
Not very often that we would fight

Grand Rapids hunting deer
At Prairie Lake w/Howard & Ardis (and Howie & Deb) Klier
That November, you weren’t shootin’ blanks
We had reason to give Thanks

Fashion Police Alert!
Taht burgundy shirt with your hypercolor sweatshirt
The ugly floral hat you had to wear
I hated it, but you didn’t care

You know what they say about BIG HANDS & BIG FEET
Big boots and Big Gloves

April 16, 1994
We walked out... “Our Saviors” front door
(the same church my parents were married in)

Montevideo was the town
I put on my wedding gown
A white velvet dress
In front of friends and family our marriage was blessed
Hali & Kyle
Walked down the aisle
I am a Bride…
With Tami, Janet, Marsi, Lara, Mickie, & Willow at my side
You are the Groom
Mark, Jay, Monty, Dana, Chad, and Aaron on your side of the room
The Unity Candle
Dana’s black sock story
Received alot of glory
We exchanged rings
Viki Jean sings
Mi-chel-le handled the cake
The floor was slanted there was a “mistake”
Eric Clapton was our first dance
That began our marriage romance
On the back of my dress was a black velvet bow
With doc martins on my feet to let my personality show
Camera man, if he can’t do it know one can
“Korn” put church on MN t-shirt
T-Rae caught the bouquet
Joey asked her to marry him that day

We lived with your Mom & Dad, from May-June

Kisses...I always wanted “MORE”
As you were heading out the door

Moonlite Wine
On Shrimp & Lobster we like to dine

“Rise & Shine” is what you say
The Snuggle button is how we greet each day

If I got my hair cut short you said
You would BUZZ your head
For 3 days I didn’t know
On your head, very little hair would show


Air Hockey at the arcade
How deals were made

Special order Everything
Even @ McDonalds & Burger King

Applebees “Southtown bees”
Holds plenty of memories

5805 Newton Ave South
Our First House
It was Gray
We moved in on your 28th Birthday

The Garage and Dog Hotel
A place you knew all too well
Know the partys we attend
We are hosting them

Liver sausage & bread
Smells like something Sierra & Jessie should be fed

Your unique way of saying things
Always a little laughter it brings

“It’s a Boy!” you woke up from a dream…
“Swing him around by his Johnson!” you screamed

Scott Raymond & Brigitte Marie
Created a Family

(Tuesday) August 15, 1995
Our first born has arrived
It took 4 days to come up with a name
Chose from the last page in the book, “Zane”

He weighed 10.5
I survived!
You cut the cord…
Never again will we be bored
A “Copper Top” right from the start
This little boy, owns our heart
I saw a tear in your eye
As you held “our little guy”

Our expression of love for each other
Made Zane a “Big Brother”

(Saturday) July 12, 1997
We received our second gift from heaven
A little lady
Our daughter, who we affectionately call “Braisy Daisy”
Missing those moments of being lazy
Braedin has a magic grin
Theres not a heart she couldn’t win

As Godparents to Amber, Madeline, & Ilea we play an important part
To teach them that “God is in their Heart”

Look at how many of our dreams have come true
And all the things we have been through

I know sometimes we may disagree
But I am grateful you chose me!

There have been times when it’s been a little rough
But somehow our marriage stood tough
We proved we love each other enough
Lessons learned…
Love is given, Trust is Earned
Never take for granted the priceless gift of Love
It will always be there, when push comes to shove

I will never forget our Tragically Hip
Chicago Road Trip

Valentine’s Day
A perfect time to say…
The Greatest “Gifts” you’ve given me, were not things you bought