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Creation : Blushing Bride in Pelli Butta(Basket)

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Hindu marriage joins two individuals for life, so that they can pursue dharma (duty), artha (possessions), kama (physical desires), and moksha (ultimate spiritual
release) together.

South India is an incredible land known for its rich cultural heritage. In South Indian weddings, it is a tradition to decorate the bride’s long plait with beautifully
patterned flowers, pearl strings, beads, golden billas, gold jada or anything which adds to her stunning looks on her big day.
Marriage ceremonies are colorful, and the celebration may extend for days,as it is an elaborate social engagement,in which both sides brides and grooms play an
important role in performing the ceremony and supporting the couple .A Traditional Bride looks Resplendent in all her traditional Jewellery.
The overall South Indian bridal make-over looks incomplete without Jada( Hairstyle) either flowers or Gold. A Zari saree, Traditional jewelry and a flaunting floral
hairstyle is all that makes the bride look like an angel on the Life time Precious moment.

The bride’s maternal uncle and her brother play a prominent role at the time of her marriage. Kanyādānaṃ is the ceremony in which the girl’s family hands over their colorful wedding dresses
daughter’s responsibility to the groom. During the ceremony, the bride sits in a basket. Her maternal uncles carries her to the Mandapam.

Pelli Butta(Basket)Story...
In a wedding the Groom is considered to be Lord Vishnu and the Bride as Lakshmi Devi. Her maternal uncles lift her on their shoulders,in a basket and take her to the
groom,who is behind the cloth curtain(addutera).It is believed that since the Bride is Lakshmi devi she shouldn't walk on the floor so has to be carried .

The epitome of power, this Telugu bride is bedecked in stunning gold jewellery . Dressed in Silk sarees that vary in hues from Pink and gold, the Telugu bride
embodies the essence of the Goddess Lakshmi. Presenting Telugu Traditional Bride with Vadanam,Golden Valu Jada(HairStyle),Jada gantalu(Golden Hanging for Jada),Zari
Sari in a Lotus Basket waiting to be taken to her groom.

Techniques used : Structure,Modelling with chocolate,Fondant Accents,Carving,Free hand painting.