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By Jeanene Van Zandt
Charlottesville, Virginia 8-12-2017
Last night scrolling on FB I came upon a video of people marching with tiki torches (no pitchforks). I didn't know why, so I watched for awhile. It looked like a basic Patriot March.
It was Peaceful with no trouble. Then they start talking about Robert E. Lee and that another statue was coming down.
That pissed me off. This stuff has to stop. You need to know your own country's history, so you don't repeat the mistakes.
They announced that they were having a rally in the morning.
I then went to sleep.
When I woke in the morning and cranked up the puter, the feed was still going and it was that cute blonde woman (can I still say that?) who reports for INFOWARS.
She was interviewing the people who said that white people are going to be replaced unless they stand up and not let our history and heritage be wiped out.
I thought, yeah, I kinda noticed that happening too.
There were quite a few folks there and they were dressed like folks have to dress now to go to a rally or protest because of George Soro's paid agitators Antifa... you know, Helmets and stuff. So, it all looked normal to me. These folks don't want General Lee's statue down. Still Peaceful with folks speaking their mind.
I hear Antifa is here. They just show up in a huge group and station themselves across the street.
The rally goers were pinned in on all sides with only 1 exit.
As soon as Antifa got settled in... it began.
It started raining balloons filled with urine, feces, paint, burning chemicals & boards with nails driven into them. Someone who had infiltrated behind Antifa's line was interviewed and said they had big coolers full of these balloons.
I figured, they must have peed & pooped in balloons on the bus ride down.
Police lined up behind the rally and announced that they had now declared that this is a Unlawful Assembly and that if the people didn't leave the park, they would be arrested.
They protested that it wasn't Unlawful, they had a permit.
The INFOWAR's reporter asked the police to take down the barriers in the back so they didn't have to leave right into Antifa. The cops said, No. You have to leave the way you entered and started moving in on them.
They tried to leave peacefully and were immediately attacked and fought back. The ones that got past Antifa rounded the corner only to be greeted by Black Lives Matter with baseball bats. The ones that got through them and were trying to make it to their cars were chased by both groups and surrounded. They had to call the cops to come and protect them, which to my surprise, they came and got between the groups, but they were still surrounded and couldn't leave. cute white dresses
I went off and did something else and when I came back the rally goers were gone and Antifa & Black Lives Matter had taken to the street and were Marching.
I was waiting for the Looting to begin.
A grey Charger comes flying down the road and BANG!
Then I turn on the TV and hear a totally different story.

What They're NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots Over a billion dollars has been spent over the last 8 years fomenting racial division, with the purpose of using the manufactured conflicts to take away our