gold mother of the bride dresses

Chapter 23
It was D-Day I was getting married by 15:00 I have to be in the alter. I don't know why but I have bad feeling about this day. Like something is gonna happen. The words that Thando said yesterday were still flowing in my mind. Her and my birthday was drawing closer. It was on the third of May. I looked at myself in the mirror and touched my curly hair. And asked myself “Ain't I more beautiful than Thando?” It was 14:00pm now I got into my white long sleeved wedding dress my I was wearing white high heels my dress was long that is crawled on the floor. The make up artists came and combed my curly hair they straitened and made a bun. They put make up on my face and a rose tiara on my head that held my veil. I got up and went to the limousine waiting outside the traditional wedding was to be done later on. Thando was wearing a short purple dress her high heels and necklace matched the dress her blonde straight hair was in a bun. Her teeth were perfect her lips glossy as ever. I ask again I ain't I beautiful?”
Thando: Hey! The bride must not be late now shouldn't she?
Mom:No she not
Dad:Let's go

Ayanda was nervous he did not like this especially when Lacey came yesterday. Lacey is good girl she really didn't deserve what Ayanda did to her. She has a heart of gold but with a mental condition but it is only reveled when she is angered or heartbroken her mental condition started with trust issues after her mother left at town saying that she will be right back and never returned she then was raised by her uncle one night he tried to rape her but she managed to escape I could go on. She had a very heartbreaking past but she is trying her best to put that past behind her now Ayanda has done this she has broken all her attempts of true happiness she might creates create a stunt in the wedding it's best to be prepared for anything. But I was still happy cause Thando will be there. I smiled to myself we were in the limo we got out luckily the bride had not arrived yet we got in the church the family's bride arrived Thando walked at the aisle first cause she was a maid of honour she was looking so beautiful. Everyone got up when the bride arrived the music started. gold mother of the bride dresses
Priest: We are all gathered her to unite these two souls
(And blah blah he came to the part of the objection of someone everyone raised their hands)
People: Where is Lacey?!!! We want her! She would make a better wife than this girl!
(Lacey came in so this was a strange part Lacey got married to Ayanda)
Amanda:Yini lomsamgano?!(What madness is this)I was getting married!!!!
(Amanda then touched her stomach she fainted she was rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile at home we welcomed the new makoti.

Lacey did not even say a word to me when it was finally time to sleep.
Me:So how is the leap year doing?
(Every child in our village Mabuzi had been given a leap year)
Lacey: Listen we might be married in the eyes of the world but behind close doors we are just like two strangers! Get it. Got it. Good.
Me:But Lacey listen I didn't cheat on you
Lacey: I will never trust you again
(She then slept on the bed while I had to sleep on the couch)

Amanda's baby was in danger of dying after Amanda had extreme stress. But that could be treated which was a relief. We were all in,Amanda's room she slowly woke up.
Amanda: Where? Where? Hospital?
Mom:Yes you fainted we will tell you the rest later
Amanda: Okay then
Dad:Take a nap.