high neck wedding dress

The FC at High Lodge are hosting this event and are looking for volunteers, obviously suit budding actors / extroverts!

We are looking for volunteers to work on 'Company of Wolves' at Thetford Forest .This is a voluntary role, so we would endeavour to make best use of your time.



20th September 6pm Dress rehearsal
21th September 6.30pm Performance
22th September 6.30pm Performance
23th September 6.30pm Performance
All should finish by 10.30pm


Volunteer duties-
Our volunteers are all part of the performance, as the audience themselves are, and they have their part to play. The volunteers are nuns who take care of the audience. We need two nuns who can run, and two who can walk for each performance. We will provide a habit if you can wear black. You will also need running shoes or walking boots.
As a nun your first concern is always for the well-being of your flock, to take care of their needs and steer them safe from harm, but also to keep them travelling promptly along the right path.
The audience is invited to a wedding - you will greet them, and invite them to fill out a label - a 'Charm' .For runners answering the questions 'What are you running for?' and 'What are you running from?' and for walkers 'What are you searching for?'and 'What are you hiding from?' they wear these labels around their necks throughout the show.

Warm up dance- Peter the Priest leads the congregation in a warm up , and the nuns show the audience the moves- about 6 fairly simple gestures, stretches etc.

During the promenade show, the nuns walk with the audience, or run with the runners. The audience find their own way through the show following markers on the path, or are led by characters. The walks route is about 2.5 miles with stops, the runners about 4.3 miles with stops. The area is quite hilly though... the nuns take care of the audience, help to relay some important bits of information, look out for difficult bits of path, keep the dawdlers on track open gates etc. high neck wedding dress

At the interval you will help with refreshments, and the spreading of rumours and 1/2 truths ....

At the finale you will help Peter the Priest burn the 'Charms' to dispel the wolves.
Please email back if you have any questions.

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