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Today marks my 7th Anniversary of having my brand BrokenCelebrity. I would like to thank all who have supported, helped, and hated. All of which has made me better and pushed me to go harder than I ever thought I could go. I still have some things to do, but TRUST, it's all WORTH every TEAR and DOLLAR I put into it. Just a reminder of my history....

The Beginning:
Picture it y2k(year 2000) lowly peasant guy(In my Sophia Pettrillo voice)LOL...but for real...I stoned my first dress for Sheena Devine placing pear stones on a lavender dress for the Ms. Club 21 Pageant. That started a buzz within me. The same year I got started/interested in design because, like some people do I was OUT in it hosting, hanging, and hustling. And thought about what could I do to release my inner artistic side because music is and will forever be my first love, I thought since I wasn't doing that I would just "float" thru life and "wing" it. So at this time the DIY(Do It Yourself) designer craze was taking off again and I jumped NO I leaped in front of that train and wanted to see just how far this ride would go. My early creations....a PLUM F O O L!!! But I didn't let that stop me, I was a tye-dying and bleach MANIAC. Then I met two people who were doing it WAY BIG in my eyes, celebrity hairstylist to Rhianna, Yusef Williams and the late Janiero Ratcliff who took me under their wing, and showed me the right way and introduced to me SWAROVSKI RHINESTONES(I thought it was only for drag shows and Las Vegas show girls)and I been shining ever since. During this time I would have to say paint and glitter were my best friend, so much so that any time of the day my back patio looked like a Liberace show.

Learning The Business:
I then started working in a boutique(one of the FIRST urban shops for women in Miami) Stepn' 'N Style with the owner Stormy Wellington. That experience taught me the business side to owning a store and running it. Around the same time of this happening I started my first company SAJ Couture Designs(check ) and had a painted t-shirt line in JOEY ROLON/FUNKY SEXY on So. Beach. He gave me my first lesson in BRANDING and MARKETING. I then started designing for Jacki-O and building clientele(most of who are still clients today) and wearing rhinestones DAY and NIGHT! There was no myspace, Facebook, or Instagram to market your self so I figured I'd be my own damn billboard. And it worked!!! I saw cut up shirts were coming out and jumped on the trend but still added my touch, rhinestones BUT colored. See at that time people were only wearing clear and ab. That wasn't good enough for me so I elevated, and made t-shirt skirt sets. Did I mention I wasn't sewing only tying things together, but it was the LOOK that made it rich. I designed my first pair of shoes, some rhinestone and studded Converse All-Stars and some aqua Pumas. At this time also female rappers Missy, Lil' Kim, Foxy, and Eve were wearing custom clothing and like most things in life people wanted to look like CELEBRITIES. Business was, GREAT. But that still wasn't good enough for me, so my BFF international makeup artist JayJay Martin suggested going to learn to do makeup. Which at this time I was interested in because I was working with drag entertainers, and was always infatuated by DRAG makeup and transformation. I went and completed school and became a licensed Full Specialist(skin/makeup/nails) which I still am to this very day. So for a while I put designing down but still had my clientele esp. c/o 04 Northwestern Bulls, who probably is the reason for county wide uniforms, LOL...But you can't escape what has COMMISSIONED for you to do, so then I started embellishing hats and Andy Warhol tote bags, and also was in another boutique for up and coming designers. But then came the "RECESSION" so I started working in HAIRGASM beauty salon in USA Flea Market washing hair. Oh yea I kept a hustle PLUS I was licensed(no state board here boo) and started doing more make up then designing. While being in there, I still couldn't escape designing, hate to have to go here but I embellished the FIRST tutu and bustier prom look for a girl who went to Booker T but had went to go to Northwestern prom 2007(the following year to now people still wearing them). lavender prom dresses

Over these years 2008-2009 I was hosting clubs and pageants, also embellishing gowns for the drag community, I kind of slowed down designing, but once again God said "not your will but mine". I was promoting my makeup page on MySpace and came across two twin sisters CoCo And Breezy who designed fabricated and embellished glasses/frames and it blew me away. I also was getting ready for my bday party that year(2009) and knew I needed a pair to complete my look. I ordered them and when they came I knew I could make them. Hence me started doing glasses. I then researched the business of them, about the frames, looking up companies for spikes, and others in that market(please do this for any business you want to start). So I ordered my supplies and started creating and just building my new passion....SUNGLASSES/FRAMES!!!

Connections And People
So now it's 2010 and I'm still doing makeup and I meet Janay McNeil and Joe Rivera(3o5 Media Group). It was Janay who, while on a makeup gig, took my card and called me the next day about the glasses I had on(I am my billboard). She then asked if she could use the frames I had for a shoot with Charlie Roc, my first photo shoot and I don't even have a name. Law Of Attraction. They then took the frames I had and shoot a mini look book and asked what I would call my company I said BROKE CELEBRITY...she asked me why, I told her, for as popular as I am, and the connections I know, I'm still BROKE. She fell out laughing, saying she loved my personality and honesty. So while talking she said BROKEN and I thought it was nice and it's been BROKENCELEBRITY ever since. On August 13, 2010 my website was launched and my business was created, and has been going till this very day. In 2016 I started Broken Celebrity Vintage which is a vintage resell part of my brand. I

Final Message:
I would like to tell you it was easy, and a storybook romance, it wasn't. The real story is in my FAILURES!!! I left out parts of the nay-sayers, doubters, and kill joys. For a very good reason...I'M SHOWING THEM every picture, video, and post. For you see I don't need to be a "self entitled", "king or queen" my proof has been in LONGEVITY....everybody has a story but everybody doesn't have CREDENTIALS!!! Remember never worry about what others are doing because you'll never get no where. Instead learn and watch, study and grow, you may feel like no one is watching, but TRUST "the people ALWAYS watching". Let my story/testimony encourage you to do whatever your destiny is. Remember to do EVERYTHING with love, and be GRATEFUL for all things. I have more to show....KEEP CALM....Be Blessed

Jacquis W.L. Rambeau
Owner/Creative Director BrokenCelebrity iWear And Accessories And Vintage Reseller, LLC