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I'm a feminist - and gender equality. I see people slam Christians all the time for being "backwards" or barbaric, anti-women, anti-gay, hate LBTQ (and whatever other initials have now been added), or they're delusional for their faith. Or that extremist white Christians are responsible for all the hate crimes. I haven't seen reports of them raping German women en masse in Berlin, driving vans into crowds in Germany, London, or Paris, stabbing people. Or blowing up a bunch of children at a concert.

We have heated debates and condemn Republicans for slow acceptance of gay marriage. Why, then, don't any of these same people condemn Muslims for selling off their daughters in marriage, as young as 9 years old? We call that pedophillia, generally. Or slavery. There are no women's rights in their system. We protest Trump proudly wearing giant pussy hats, but seem to have no problem with women being forbidden to drive, have a college education, or even leave the house alone - without a man to accompany her.

Or worse, mutilating a prepubescent girl's genitalia so she can't enjoy sex. Or statements that women (and little girls as young as 6) that dress provocatively (even just uncovering their hair, or wearing shorts, tank tops, all that stuff we take for granted o be able to wear here.) are "asking" to be raped, and it's automatically their fault if raped - and in some cases, FORCED to marry her rapist. I dress like that. My daughters do too. Pretty much every woman I know does at one time or another.

When the president of Iran is invited to speak at NYU, and when asked about LBGT rights, claims his country doesn't have that disease or problem. But asking Ann Coulter or Miles (what's-his-name?) to speak will cause riots against their "hate speech?" Don't get me wrong, that chick is seriously abrasive, but the nut job that runs Iran is not evil and she is?

What am I missing here? Where is CNN , MSNBC, NBC and the AP for this? Fox News covers it sometimes, but it's usually blown off in general. The far right press and blogs cover it, but are dismissed as fake news by people. But my friends that are on the far left (okay, yeah, I'm a Kennedy Democrat, which is what the party used to be like.) say nothing about it, nor speak out against it. Anyone from the LGBT community is viciously slammed for being conservative - Caitlen Jenner was called some seriously horrible things. Perez Hilton called her names that would be labeled hate speech, anti-gay, anti-trans, sexist and offensive had it been a conservative saying it. There would have been public outrage and demands for hen to be fired and issue a public apology. I have to be honest, even Trump is less bad than Sharia law for the LGBT community. He might be an asshole, but he doesn't call for their extermination. How do you think the trans community will be treated under Sharia law? Read it. It's not good. little white dresses

I know I'd be stoned in places like that for what I am and who I am. And I don't even have a vagina hat.

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