red cocktail dress

ADULT Daughters: How well do you know your mom?

Now let's Be Honest:
1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching? This is us but on her phone also red cocktail dress
2. Name something she hates? Lying ...
3. What does she like to drink? Water and coffee
4. What is her favorite music? Christian, anything by Red Rocks Church
5. What is her nickname for you? Kimmy
6. What is something she loves? Reading while drinking coffee
7. What is her favorite color? Blue
8. What would she NEVER wear? A cocktail dress
9. You bake her a cake; what kind is it? Chocolate probably a bundt cake
10. Favorite animal? Tigers
11. What could she spend all day doing? Reading or shopping with me
12. Who is her favorite child? Obviously me! She has a mug that says so

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